1. Uninstall any previously installed versions completely, and restart system
2. Install Symantec Endpoint Protection full version as standard client mode (unmanaged client modes in the custom option)
3. This’s all for desktop and workstation environments.

Symantec Endpoint Protection actually combines Symantec AntiVirus with some advanced threats defense functions, comes with outstanding security, superb performance and advanced machine learning algorithms. This endpoint security solution was specially build for virtual environment, therefore its performance got greatly improved. It seamlessly integrates the basic safety technologies in an agent and management console, which not only improves the protection capability, also reduces the total ownership cost.

As currently one of the fastest and the most powerful endpoint anti-virus software solutions for both virtual and physical environments on the market, Symantec Endpoint Protection provides top-ranking protections for notebook, desktop and server computers. It not only can defend against various types of attacks, also is able to integrate all the basic antivirus security tools you need into a high-performance agent with a single management console. To sum up, the biggest characteristic of Symantec Endpoint Protection is: it will not affect the running speed of computer while providing a leading antivirus protection.

However, if you have already used Symantec Endpoint Protection for several years, then I guess you maybe find that it has two disadvantages at least: monotonous UI; not easy to use and configure enough for home computer users.