1. Download and install IDM (you’d better use the default setup path)
2. Make sure to exit IDM completely (via Task Manager)
3. Copy the unlocked files ‘IDMan.exe‘ and ‘IDMGrHlp.exe‘ to installation folder (like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager\) and overwrite
4. Double click the reg key file (Internet Download Manager.reg) to import license info (if you always use AppNee’s unlocked files, then this step is required only once)
5. Restart computer (may be not required)
6. Done

*** These Unlock Files, RegKey and installation method are working for all versions of IDM on both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows.

*** If the “Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake Serial Number” error still bothers you, run the ‘Hosts Blocker.bat‘ (administrator privilege may be required).

• Whether you use IE browser or not, we always suggest that you delete the “IEMonitor.exe” file (need to end its process first in “Task Manager“) from the IDM’s installation directory. Because it runs in the background all the time as monitor and wastes the system resources.
• Do not delete the ‘Uninstall.exe‘, or it will give error like this every time it starts:
• IDM cannot find 1 file(s) that are necessary for browser and system integration. Please reinstall IDM